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HYDROPERL is a white, highly porous granulate, produced from expanded perlite. Its surface is covered with a thin hydrophobic layer. It is characterized by a very low degree of water absorption and high affinity to non-polar liquids. It effectively absorbs diesel oil, gasoline, oils, lubricants, turpentine and other greasy liquids. It is non-flammable and light. It floats on the water surface - its bulk density varies from 80 to 100 kg/m3.

Because it does not absorb water, the preparation of light concretes (or plasters) with its use is easier and requires much less water. Strength parameters of products based on HYDROPERL aggregate are better than those obtained with ordinary expanded pearlite.

We are in the process of implementing a new, more effective and efficient method of pearlite hydrophobization. Soon we will be able to offer you a better quality HYDROPERL at a much lower price than before.