PERLIPOL makes many efforts to minimize the impact of its production on the natural environment and climate.

This was the goal of the investment in renewable energy sources undertaken in 2019, i.e. the construction of a 105.3 kWp photovoltaic installation located on the premises of the Perlipol sp.j. in Bełchatów.

The subject of the project was the construction of a PV installation, which was placed on the roofs of three buildings belonging to the applicant, located on the land lot no. 75/5 and 75/07 in Bełchatów, ul. Przemysłowa 6. 390 PV modules and 6 inverters were used to build the system, which together, mounted on the assembly structure, form a photovoltaic installation operating in the ON-GRID system in the prosumer variant with a total area of 651.3 m2 and a rated power of 105.3 kW, capable of producing no less than 99,352 kWh of energy per year. The electricity produced by this plant is mainly used for Perlipol's own needs, while the surplus is sold to the grid. As a result of the project, the company achieves an ecological effect in the form of reducing the amount of pollutants released into the atmosphere (carbon dioxide emission will be reduced by approx. 59.56 tons, which is equivalent to the annual CO2 emission).

The project was implemented in the "design and build" mode.

Project value: PLN 653,007.00.

Co-financing of the project from the EU: PLN 445,956.00.



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In order to call a product ecological, it is necessary to analyze the path that it goes from the beginning of the production process to its disposal. Account must be taken of the emissions, carbon footprint, impact of raw material use, and the product's impact on the environment, human and animal health.

Perlite is a natural mineral of volcanic origin, so it does not contain substances harmful to human health and the environment.

The volume of raw material transported from mines to companies expanding it is only a few percent of expanded perlite

Perlite is chemically inert, and expansion at very high temperatures makes it biologically sterile.

This mineral comes from nature and can be returned to it after use (e.g. as an additive to soil).


Perlite protects the environment because:

  • no chemicals are used to produce all perlite derivatives,
  • the perlite production process does not create unusable by-waste,
  • perlite used in construction, thanks to its excellent insulating properties, reduces the consumption of energy needed for heating,
  • products with its use are much lighter than traditional ones, which reduces the environmental costs of transport,
  • it is used to purify water,
  • absorbs spills of hazardous substances,
  • it can replace the earth, thus protecting its natural resources,
  • packaging (bags or big bags) can be reused or recycled.


PERLIPOL is the only Polish company belonging to the international organization PERLITE INSTITUTE based in the USA, associating perlite producers from around the world, which is a forum for exchanging experiences of its members.

Since 1995, PERLIPOL has been cooperating with scientists from the Lodz University of Technology, who help develop recipes for building products containing perlite, test product parameters and propose innovations in production technology.


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